Casey Ta has a background in business management and technology with many years in the corporate world.  But more than just that, she has a background in customer service and customer satisfaction along with a passion for the beauty industry.  She has been dedicating herself to all of these for the past decade.  Casey decided to take her experience and focus on the beauty industry, and in 2015, Suite Lovely was founded. Suite Lovely is a prestige studio specializing in lash extensions, brow microblading / permanent makeup and skincare.


Suite Lovely’s mission is for every client to feel as beautiful as they look.  We believe in honesty and quality when it comes to our clients.  Casey and her team work relentlessly to always providing services with quality in products, techniques and the best in customer service.  Our style and technique are progressive from the scale of natural to a more abundant transformation - with the emphasis on helping to enhance the natural beauty for each client and most importantly, to help everyone feel beautiful as well as looking their best. 



Casey’s charisma, meticulous techniques, and ability to develop meaningful relationships with her loyal clientele coupled with community confidence has resulted in Suite Lovely being proudly published by Plano Profile, reaching over 350,000 readers monthly since 1982.


Along with Plano Profile, Casey and Suite Lovely have been featured with PRiME WOMEN and VOYAGE Dallas, these are online publications catering to women and entrepreneurs who live life to the fullest. Seamlessly in line with the culture and values of Suite Lovely

Suite Lovely has become a home of beauty enhancements for clients far and wide - providing the best lash, brow and permanent makeup care for clients in and around Dallas, not to mention clients who travel in from other states and even as far as from other countries like Europe. 


Notable celebrities who have made Suite Lovely their home of beauty care include celebrities from BRAVO TV, ABC TV, HER Magazine, Oxygen Magazine to name a few


But, at Suite Lovely, every client that walks in the door will be treated like a celebrity.