Brow Tattoo Removal

Remove Your Unwanted Tattoos with Tattoo Lightening

Whether you no longer like your tattoo, or it is in a difficult area of the body, the team at Suite Lovely is proud to offer tattoo lightening services. Using a gentle laser our team is able to penetrate the skin and gradually break up the tattoo pigmentation. Tattoo lightening is a perfect service for people who have dark and heavy tattoos that are visible even under makeup. Tattoo lightening can help to make these tattoos less visible, and in some cases can even cause the tattoos to disappear forever. Much of the success of tattoo lightening will depend on the person's individual skin type, the depth of the tattoo ink, the age of the tattoo, and the size of the tattoo. If you are interested in tattoo lightening services, schedule a consultation with a member of our professional team. We will be able to give you an idea of how many sessions it might take to lighten the tattoo, and what realistic expectations of the procedure might be.

Our trained team is also able to apply facial tattoo for makeup. This is a way to have permanent makeup in place, any time of day. Our facial tattoo for makeup options are endless, and can be applied to the individual's tastes. Opt for permanent eyeliner, lip liner, brow liner, or even lip pigmentation. Facial tattoos are a perfect way to not only save time in the morning, but to save money on costly makeup expenses each and every month. To perform facial tattoos for makeup procedures it requires a trained professional and artist. To learn more about these services, be sure to reach out to the team at Suite Lovely. We will be able to show you what permanent makeup can look like, and how it can improve your day to day life by saving you both time and money.