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Suite Lovely is a beauty studio providing the best services in eyelash extensions, permanent makeup for brows (brow microblading, powder brows, ombre brows, lip blushing and eyeliner).

Our mission is for every client to feel as beautiful as they look. We specialize in enhancing your natural beauty through our range of permanent makeup services. We cater to your individual needs and preferences to create a personalized beauty treatment just for you.  Aside from the aesthetics of the services, the understanding of medical and health condition of each client is important when it comes to permanent makeup.  We have in depth knowledge and experience on how to pair certain methods to a certain skin conditions and medical conditions of each client. 


Let us help you achieve the confidence you've always wanted and transform your look, in the most natural and comfortable way. 

We offer free consultations so please feel free to reach out and book a consultation with us!





Casey Ta and Suite Lovely have been featured in various publications (such as the Local which formerly known as Plano Profile) which highlighted small business owners and how they live and balance their lives to their fullest! Seamlessly in line with the culture and values of Suite Lovely. 


Notable celebrities who have made Suite Lovely their home of beauty care include celebrities from BRAVO TV, ABC TV, HER Magazine, Oxygen Magazine to name a few. But, at Suite Lovely, every client that walks in the door will be treated like a celebrity!


Suite Lovely has become a home of beauty enhancements for clients far and wide - providing the best lash, brow and permanent makeup care for clients in and around Dallas, not to mention clients who travel in from other states and even as far as from other countries like Europe.  

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